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MultiCam enhances has a high quality imaging sensor and elegant design. It includes four up-to-date functions. Basically, it takes image(motion picture), records, and edits. With its high quality CMOS camera, you can use MultiCam for on-line chatting, motion picture e-mailing, making photographs & sticker pictures. Security software enables you to use MultiCam as a CCTV or DVR. When you have a microphone, you can record your voice synchronized with your motion picture.


  • Image Sensor : VGA 1/3" CMOS (320,000 Pixels)
  • Frame Rate : VGA up to 15fps
  • Interface : USB 1.1 interface
  • White balance : automatic
  • Exposure : automatic & manual control
  • Lens : f2.6, F7.0mm, D58
  • Focus : macro 10cm, normal 50cm ~
  • USB cable length :1.5m


320,000 Pixels high efficiency CMOS Sensor
320,000 Pixels CMOS Sensor guarantees alive and clear image. 640 x 480 image capture, Maximum 320 x 240 moving picture recording and automatic white balance
Fixing clip for both Lap top & Desk Top PC(Dual Holder)
Dual Holder(Clip) for both Lap Top & Desk Top PC is useful for Lap Top users who often goes place to place by business. With MultiCam, you can get images wherever you go.
Elegant shape and Snapshot button(Polka-dots & Snapshot button)
Simple design like polka-dots implements newage slim shape smooth curves harmonize with PC outline unique style with volume and temperated lines.
Total operating program(MultiCam Player)
MultiCam view, real-time WMV recording, moving picture E-mail panorama still-out, etc. Basic program which you can use all these functions with
Making your photograph and self-sticker(CaptureDog)
You can make your own sticker. I D picture, compose many backgrounds with your picture. Also many filtering effects makes your picture and sticker very special one.
Personal observing program(Eagle Eye)
Eagle Eye is a personal security software. It watches your camera screen in real-time, saves moving image to your folder, and alarms you with sound when someone intrudes.
Remote observing program(Eagle Eye Web)
Eagle Eye serves you security function through internet. So you can watch your camera screen in real-time wherever you stay.